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"I was compelled to do this webpage as a result of the level of deception I believe there exists pertaining to the "actual performance" of this product relative to Terk's claims. In addition, I wanted to document how I was treated by TERK-AUDIOVOX staff members when I called to complain."
I purchased a TERK FM PRO 50 Indoor/Outdoor antenna for a vintage Pioneer tuner (TX-9500) I recently purchased (and adore). I thought it was time to invest in a really good FM antenna to take advantage of the highly rated 5 gang tuner that is featured inside the TX-9500.
Pioneer TX-9500 (1976, $400, rack mount, schematic, alignment guide, schematic left, schematic middle, schematic right) - The TX-9500 has 5 gangs and 4 filters and is roughly equivalent in performance to a Kenwood KT-7500, but is built even more solidly and we think it sounds great (although two contributors thought it was “bright”). The TX-9500 has exactly the same RF front end as the TX-9100 and 9800, with differences only in the IF and audio circuit areas. Our contributor David Rich describes what's inside: “In the IF we have 4 ceramic filter followed by 5 stages of bandpass limiting. The detector is based on a M5109PR chip. I do not have any details on this device, but it sure looks to be balanced. I have only the schematic of the full tuner. Maybe the full service manual or the data sheet gives more details. A HA1156 IC does all the MPX decoding. A HA1137 single chip IF amp and discriminator is used for the signal-strength meter. It is connected before all the limiters so that the meter does not saturate too quickly. In the Pioneer SX-1250 receiver, which goes for big bucks on eBay, the HA1137 is the chip used in the main signal path.” The TX-9500 uses discrete transistors in its output stage, rather than op-amps. Unlike the TX-9500II, the TX-9500 has only one IF bandwidth (i.e., no wide/narrow switch). Sale prices for the TX-9500 on eBay are very inconsistent: as high as $250 or more or as low as $75-80 (and just $56 for an “as is” one in 5/04), but $125-185 seems to be the most common range. TX-9500s with wooden cabinets are scarce and tend to sell for higher prices. TX-9500s with the rare rack-mount shelf can sell for as much as $300-400. [BF] 

Well, the Terk FM PRO 50 arrived by UPS today and I was totally disappointed with its performance. I was compelled to do this webpage as a result of the level of deception I believe exists pertaining to the "actual performance" of this product relative to Terk's claims. In addition, I want to document how I was treated by TERK-AUDIOVOX staff members when I later called to complain.

I did "A-B" comparison testing between the Terk FM PRO 50 and the Philips Indoor VHF/UHF/FM/HDTV Antenna, MANT310. The Philips won hands down when compared to the Terk FM PRO 50. Terk is so stingy, they don't even provide you with a necessary 75 ohm RF cable, compared to the Philips which does include a 4 foot, 75 ohm patch cord. I did find the Terk antenna housing to be somewhat rugged, there were stainless steel screws for mounting and the required horizontal positioning was not all too difficult. I erected it on a support beam up in a second story room, without an attic.  The ceiling in that room is quite high. The effective height of the Terk was at about 30 feet from the earth. 

In side-by-side comparison testing I found that the Terk's signal amplifier is inferior compared to the Philips which boasts an awesome 32db of signal strength gain, compared to Terk's 11db gain. Terk's signal amplifier only has an on/off switch to control the signal gain, compared to the Phillips MANT310 which has a potentiometer style dial. The Philips potentiometer permits you to increase and decrease signal amplification via minute smooth increments, (triming of the signal amplifier) which is essential for pulling in hard to reach, fringe stations. Also in the case of signal overload, the Philips potentiometer accurately enables you to slightly decrease the level of amplification and yet not lose gain altogether, such as when you have to turn off the Terk's amplifier switch.  I felt pretty foolish when I realized that the Terk FM PRO-50 was just a glorified design. The Terk's elements are fixed and cannot be moved, whereas the dipoles of the Philips enable you to gather distant FM stations with ease by simply pointing them in whatever direction you may choose that increases reception via the univeral joints. I felt totally deceived when I could see that all the chatter I've read about the "Terk line of antennas" was merely hype and that far more efficient and cost effective alternatives such as the Philips MANT310 were readily available at Walmart for $19.84 

Compared to the Terk FM PRO 50 at Crutchfield which has a suggested retail of $119.99

After some price comparisons on various websites, I found the Terk FM PRO 50 for $71.95 plus shipping.

I called Terk's customer service department and got a rash of excuses. The staff was technically ignorant of their own product line and kept referring me to Terk tech support. I kept talking: "Please send me a UPS call tag and send me a refund in mail when you get it back." I spoke  to "Jeff" first who foolishly argued with me that I was "using a TV antenna" for my comparison. I tried to explain to him that the Philips MANT310 is a VHF/UHF/FM unit but he wasn't listening. Jeff was talking up a storm while I was trying to explain "physics to an ape". Jeff eventually hung up on me. So much for Terk's customer service. Anyone with sense knows when you can hear other staff members (who are monitoring the call in the background) responding to your every remark by shrieking across the room (at Jeff while he was on the phone with me) "You don't have to take that from that guy!" and the phone is then cradled in your ear; you realize you just parted with the better part of a hundred bucks and may not get it back. It's a level of abuse that makes you want to put up a website like this one to warn others.

Following the conversation with Jeff I called John Shalom, President of Audiovox, parent company of Terk. Shalom was less than interested in my findings and relative product complaint. I asked Mr. Shalom to stand behind his product line and issue me a UPS call tag, pick up his "hyped up" Terk FM PRO 50 antenna and send me a refund in the mail for the $78.30 . I got another telephone hung in my ear. 

Hours later I got a call from Carl Peters, Terk's Customer Support Manager. Peters was barely apologetic for Shalom's rudeness and also failed to even get the logic that Terk should bear the brunt of this return and take it on the chin that their infamous TERK FM PRO 50 was beaten out by a Philips unit that is barely 20% the suggested retail price of the Terk FM PRO-50. Peters also hung up on me when I told him this site was going up.

Terk maintains poor customer service and a poorly trained, unprofessional staff
There are clearly no "product assurance" guarantees at TERK Technologies. 

In the course of things I became extremely disappointed to also discover that Audiovox Corporation has purchased the license to the Advent brand name. I have several pairs of Henry Kloss, original Advent brand speakers. Any service on Advent speakers may be an issue now that Audiovox Corporation controls the rights to that brand name. 


    Philips MANT310 Indoor VHF/UHF/FM/HDTV Antenna|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||TERK FM PRO 50 Indoor/Outdoor Antenna

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